Hi there, it's Mitch & Madli!



G'day! We are Mitch and Madli, a husband and wife team creating goodness in the world via photo and film. We are based in Orange, NSW but our ventures take us all around the land down under, and beyond.

So much of the inspiration and love for our creative endeavours comes from the beauty that runs through our own relationship. We've been married for 3 years, but we're still mad about each other. It's that true connection, in whatever form it manifests because we are all so different, that we are always chasing when capturing the story of our couples! Love, and the countless ways it is expressed, is at the heart of everything we do.

Our favourite things in the whole wide world are coffee and travelling. Mix the two together and you'll find us sippin' on a Vietnamese coffee, watching the sunrise in the early morning buzz of Hanoi and dreaming of all the amazing food we are gonna be eating that day. We love hiking and running together, but our favourite of all has got to be spending Sundays in PJs, watching Modern Family, because that's how we recharge. We try to approach everything we do with passion and balance, which, we have learned, helps us show up at our absolute best.