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For a woman, bringing a baby into this world is a rite of passage and an intiation into a new cycle of life. It is a beautiful, yet sacrificial journey of saying farewell to the Maiden aspect, to welcome the Mother. It is not only the baby who is born, but also the mother who is reborn, through birth, as a new woman.


My dream since starting this venture has been to give women - you - a safe space to feel into your truest, most potent, beautiful, empowered self, no matter what stage of life you are in or which cycle you are celebrating. I am here to capture it all - menarche and coming of age, pregnancy and brith, menopause, emodiment at any age and all other celebrations of womanhood.

For that reason, I have lovingly crafted a studio, scouted for outdoor locations and put together a stunning client wardrobe that you are more than welcome to borrow from.